Leon to Hospital de Orbigo – Part 2

This was the day that I started searching for love on the Camino. Well, not exactly. It was the day I started seeing painted hearts along the way and I smelled a mystery. Who was leaving these on the trail and for what purpose? I followed the hearts for days, hoping there would be a wonderful love story to tell at the end. Sadly, the mystery remains unsolved. However I was happy to see a final heart in Finisterre, so whoever it was leaving these totems went to the end of the earth for love. I hope they found it.
The sign that started my quest for love on the Camino
The second
The third
The fourth
The fifth, which threw me off a bit. Did the addition of the cross mean that a different person left this heart?
The sixth...anyway, you get the idea. I was to see dozens of these over the next days and weeks.

The plot thickens...at one point I came across this sign advertising stamps, drinks and snacks. Was this the person who'd painted all the other hearts? It seemed like a lot of work to go to just to advertise a little roadside stand, but still... However the operator denied knowing anything about the other hearts.
Cold case: the final heart I saw at the end of the earth. If there are any pilgrims reading this who can help solve the mystery, please let me know.

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