Foncebadon to Molinaseca – Part 1

Distance walked today: 20 kilometres
Total distance travelled so far: 576.6 kilometres 

When I left Foncebadon at about 7 a.m., it was cold and windy with fog rolling about. These things combined to made the place look even more forlorn and forgotten than it had appeared the previous day. 

I was dressed in all the layers of clothing I had, including my long johns and rain poncho, even though it wasn’t raining (although at one point it began snowing!) 

I walked alone, thinking of the task ahead. I was on my way to La Cruz de Ferro. It was the location of a simple iron cross where, for God knows how many years, people have left behind stones or other artifacts as a way of ridding themselves of sorrows or worries. I had a small collection of stones, plus my Canadian dime, that I was going to add to the pile. Along with the things I had brought from home I had collected other rocks along the way for friends and family. I thought of each person in turn and said a little prayer for them. 

When I arrived at the cross, it appeared that I was the only one there. I was relieved because I wanted to be alone with my thoughts as I performed this ritual. However just then a young German fellow appeared out of the fog. He had been there for half an hour already waiting to catch a glimpse of the sun through the fog. He started to chat…and chat…and chat! His presence annoyed me to no end and my impatience with him grew as he droned on about seemingly silly things.  Finally I told him I had some things I wanted to leave behind and I needed some time alone to do that. Afterwards I felt bad that I had given him the brush-off. I couldn’t help but think that he had been sent as a test of some kind. A second test would come just a few hours later, and sadly I think I failed on both counts. 

Leaving Foncebadon in the fog


Approaching La Cruz de Ferro


Some of the millions of stones left behind


My own little pile

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