Foncebadon to Molinaseca – Part 3

One of the villages I passed through today was Manjarin, with a population of one. A man by the name of Tomas renovated (I use that term loosely!) one of the abandoned houses and turned it into a very basic albergue.

Tomas is one of the Colourful Five Percent in life. He dresses like a Knights Templar, complete with a white tunic that has a large red cross on the front. Tomas watches for pilgrims and rings a bell each time one of us arrives in his village. His albergue has outside toilets and water from a well on the other side of the road. A bit too rustic for me I’m afraid. Instead, I chose the comforts of a little albergue in Molinaseca with single beds (it’s always a treat when I don’t have to contend with bunk beds).

It was still cold and windy when we arrived in Molinaseca. I was so chilled I wore my down sleeping bag to dinner, wrapped around me like a shawl!

The albergue at Manjarin

2 thoughts on “Foncebadon to Molinaseca – Part 3

  1. I’ve just caught up to you again after a few days of falling behind. I must tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to write about your travels in such detail and with all the photographs. I’m finding it such a treat to rewalk your journey with you.


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