Foncebadon to Molinaseca – Part 2

Later that morning I met up with Moya and Jo Anne. We walked through the most incredible display of wildflowers I have ever seen in my life.

At one point, a large dog walked with us for a while. The dog was clearly hungry and to me it appeared he wasn’t getting enough to eat. Today was one of the very few days on the Camino that I had no food with me. Neither did Jo Anne or Moya. I became more and more concerned about this poor dog and at one point I even considered taking a detour off the trail to buy some food at a restaurant for him. I didn’t, and long after we left the dog behind I couldn’t get him out of my mind. This had been test number two and for the second time in one day I felt badly about my choice of actions.

Before I left for the Camino I had been told that I should watch out for dogs; that they had lessons to teach me. Clearly this was one of them. I vowed that for the rest of this trip I would always carry a bit of extra food with me in case I ever came across another another hungry animal (or person). I also told myself I would bring this practice forward into my post-Camino life and always have a bit of extra cash with me in case I ran into someone who needed it. So far I have kept that vow; let’s see how I do in the days ahead. 

Old trees
A show of heather and white gorse

It felt good to be walking in the mountains again

Teachers come in all forms


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