La Faba to Triacastela

Total walked today: 25.6 kilometres
Total distance travelled: 658.7 kilometres 

I had a terrible sleep last night, thanks to a multitude of champion snorers. Although today’s walk was beautiful I was beat and my knees did not like the long descent into Triacastela. 

Entering Galicia, I could really notice the differences in architecture, with the rounded homes and slate or thatched roofs. There were other differences too. For instance pulpo (octopus) was starting to appear on the menus. And the number of pilgrims was growing. I suspected (correctly it turned out) that this trend would continue as we got close to the 100 kilometre mark from Santiago. A lot of people just walk the last 100 kilometres, which is the minimum distance required to receive a Compostela.   

Jo Anne and I dubbed this area the Land of the Giant Slugs. The slugs were a good 3.5 inches long and they were plentiful!  We saw one chomping away at a dandelion.

Moya, Jo Anne and I paid for a four-person room in Triacastela so we could have it to ourselves. Not very pilgrim-like, but we were all suffering from sleep deprivation and we just wanted to have a decent rest. Luckily the albergue did not fill up so no one went without a bed because of us (I’m sure if someone had really needed the bed we would have given it up).

Thatched roofs are starting to appear on this leg of the Camino
Another thatch-roofed building. Note the tiny window.



This slug was a good three and a half inches long.
A new slate roof
Simple stone church
Old gate with stones
Chickens on a wall


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