Villafranca del Bierzo to La Faba – Part 2

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. I stopped for my usual Spanish omelette and later for a torte and lemon drink. I chatted with two women from England who I had met a couple of days earlier. Other than that, I pretty much walked alone the entire day. I passed through more almost-deserted villages. For the first time, I started seeing slate roofed buildings, a sign that I was getting close to Galicia.

The last several kilometers today were, like the first several, very steep. However just as I was feeling that I didn’t have much more left in me, I crested a hill into the little village of La Faba where I was planning to stop for the night. There in front of me was the most spectacular display of heather I had ever seen.

I made my way to the albergue, which is in a parish house renovated and run by a German Confraternity. The women were so welcoming, inviting me to sit and rest awhile and have some tea or water before paying for my bed. There were only two showers here for about 40 people so that proved to be a bit tricky, but other than that this place offered a calm haven after my rather strenuous day.

Lawn ornaments
Note the solar panels on the hill behind this little town
Cultivated irises, with heads as big as my fist
Mossy steps leading up to abandoned home
More abandoned buildings
Midday snack
Chicken on Main Street
Abandoned building with slate roof
This photo doesn't do the scene justice. In real life, the heather on that hill was breathtaking to see.

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