Sarria to Portomarin – Part 1

Distance walked today: 22.9 kilometres
Total travelled so far: 706.6 kilometres

We awoke to another day of rain. Our spirits were not dampened though because today we would be passing the 100 kilometres to Santiago mark. It was hard to believe that my journey was almost over.

The Camino was now incredibly busy, and with a different type of pilgrim it seemed. I was used to greeting and being greeted by everyone I met on the trail. “Buen Camino,” we would call out to one another. Now a large number of people were walking by in a great hurry without saying a word.

The saddest incident like this involved another Canadian. A man passed Jo Anne, Moya and I, going at breakneck speed. I noticed his Mountain Equipment Co-op pack cover and I called out to him, “Hey, you’re a Canadian.”

“Yes I am,” he said as he continued his pace without slowing down one bit.

“I can tell by your Mountain Equipment Co-op cover,” I called after him.

“Yup,” he said, still barrelling ahead.

Then Jo Anne yelled out, “Aren’t you going to talk to us?”

“That’s up to  you,” he said. “If you can keep up with me I’ll talk to you.”

Jo Anne and I couldn’t believe his rudeness. She said, “Have a good walk.” And that was it. He was gone.

I was saddened and upset at what had just happened but I also wondered if it was another message from the Camino gods. My non-Camino life is often hectic and non-stop. Was that pilgrim mirroring what I was like in my day to day life? It was certainly something to think about.

Muddy trail
Jo Anne and Moya in their rain gear

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