Sarria to Portomarin – Part 2

Along with the swell in pilgrim numbers there was also now an increase in commercialism along the trail. Ads for accomodation were everywhere and many people were selling walking sticks, shells and other trinkets. One woman got quite annoyed with us when we declined her offer to sell us a gourd.

Perhaps the most bizarre showing of this came early in our day. We were walking through a medieval village when we reached what looked like an old barn or storage shed. However inside there were steel and glass vending machines, selling everything from sliced meats to canned fruit to chocolate. Galician ‘elevator music’ was playing and the whole scene was totally incongruous with its surroundings. Nonetheless, Moya and I stopped here to eat some fruit and chocolate from our stash and to get out of the rain for a few minutes.

On the other hand, there were still some signs of typical Camino hospitality. Some kind soul had set out a bowl of bananas and apples near the trail, along with a jug of what I assume was water. 

100 kilometre marker, covered in graffiti
Vending machines inside an old stone barn
Food and drink left out for pilgrims passing by
Wild lupins

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