Palas de Rei to Arzua – Part 2

You hear some amazing stories along the Camino. Today I learned of a young woman from Canada who is walking with her 75-year-old grandmother. The girl was adopted out as a baby. When her adoptive mother died recently she decided to track down her birth family. She and her natural grandmother hit it off and they decided to walk the Camino together to get to know one another better. The grandmother had walked this route on two earlier occasions. This time she injured herself and had to stop walking. However she didn’t go home. Each day she would take a taxi to an agreed upon town and her granddaughter would walk there. In the evenings, they shared accommodations, meals and family stories.

Another woman who has MS is walking the Camino with the help of a walker. At first she could only go one or two kilometres a day. Towards the end of the trip she was up to eight kilometres a day and she expected to arrive in Santiago on May 21st, her 40th birthday. Hearing stories like that, I feel ashamed that I have been complaining about sore knees and a bit of rain.


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