Negreira to Cee

Distance travelled today: 52 kilometres (walked 33 and took a cab for 19)
Total distance so far: 876.1 kilometres

I left Negreira fairly early (around 6:30 a.m.) knowing that I had a long day ahead of me. My plan was to walk to Olveiroa, some 33 kilometres along the trail, and stay there for the night. However when I arrived there wasn’t a bed to be had…not in the very primitive looking albergue, not in a hotel, not in a rural casa. A whole group of us stood around weighing our options, not knowing quite what to do with ourselves. It was another 19 kilometres to the next albergue. I didn’t have 19 kilometres in me.

After working the phones, two men from New York found a hotel room about five kilometres back. The hotel staff even came and picked them up. The men said I could go with them and see if there was another room available but I was really reluctant to retrace my steps.

Just then Chris and Matteo arrived along with their friend Zeno from Switzerland and one other young fellow from Germany (Chris, help me out here…I’m having a senior moment and can’t remember his name). Zeno opted to hang out there and take a chance that a bed would come available later on. The young German decided to start walking. He said he would just sleep in a field when he got tired. That left Chris, Matteo and I.

After much humming and hawing we decided to hire a taxi to take us to the next albergue in Cee. Getting a cab proved to be quite something…at first we were told we’d have to wait several hours. Thank goodness for Matteo though. His persistence and his very good Spanish paid off, and in the end a taxi came quite quickly for us.

The albergue in Cee was really nice AND pretty empty…we just about had the whole place to ourselves. We went to the restaurant next door for a pilgrim’s meal and then crashed pretty early.  I had clocked a lot of kilometres today and my body was definitely feeling it. However I was excited too because tomorrow I would reach the end of the world.

Mossy stone wall
Members of a riding school
A sign along the road. Good to have confirmation that I was heading in the right direction.
Another corn crib. Galicia is the only place in Spain I've ever seen these.
Chris and Matteo

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