Paris – Part 1

You’d think that being in Paris, and having worn the same two sets of clothing for the past five weeks, I would have gone wild shopping. Not so. In fact shopping didn’t really interest me. I did make a trip to 31 rue Cambon to purchase a Chanel scarf (more on that in my next posting). But mostly I just walked. And ate. And walked. And ate. 

I stopped in at the Musee d’Orsay, and just like the first time I was there many years ago, I was blown away by the art in this temple of impressionism. To be surrounded by so much genius restores my faith in humankind. If we can create things of such beauty and power, we have it in us to find the answers we need to save our world.   

I also went to the grounds of the Louvre for a picnic, but didn’t go in. To think about visiting the Louvre in just a few hours is insane. You need days and days to see the treasures that are on display there. The last time I visited I saw the Mona Lisa and the Egyptian antiquites, and that was about it. 

I people watched from the steps of the very ornate Opera House, I wandered through the Notre Dame Cathedral, I went to the base of the Eiffel Tower but didn’t go up. I had planned to but the lift was broken. I saw a very disturbing photo exhibition put on by Amnesty International. I explored little side streets, chatted with street vendors, and picked up a few gifts of chocolates and truffle oil for people back home. When I got tired I would just hop on the Metro and head back to my hostel. Paris is a dream to get around in…so easy.

I dined at, among other places, Chez Marianne’s in the Jewish Quarter. It is a restaurant recommended to me by a friend. Great atmosphere; great food. Thanks Sylvain! 

I started seeing yellow arrows painted on the sidewalks and had a moment of confusion. Yellow arrows show the way on the Camino…what were these ones for? I know there are routes all over Europe that feed into the main Camino trails to Santiago…could this be one of them? I later figured out they were simply to help tourists find their way to the city’s main attractions. Strangely I felt disappointed.   

I love Paris. I really do. But part of me was still on the Camino. It would take quite some time before I was ‘back in my body’ so to speak.  Writing this three weeks later, I’m still not sure I’m back. 

The yellow arrow of the Camino followed me to Paris!
Window of the Notre Dame Cathedral
The Louvre Pyramid
Long shot of the Notre Dame Cathedral
Balloons floating down the Seine River
One of the many bridges crossing the Seine
Duck for sale in a shop window...head and all!
There's no denying this is a pretty impressive looking structure.

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