Bird’s Eye View

I had an opportunity yesterday to go up in a helicopter for a work-related project. What a great way to see the world. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a chance to view an eagle’s nest from above! Along with the eagles I saw bison, elk, and a moose.

A herd of bison
My transportation for the morning


5 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View

  1. Hi Janet,
    i haven’t been here for a while, and will read on down the blog a little while, wondering how your trip was etc.
    But as i come here, i see you didn’t only stop by on blog, but flew over my neck of the woods, awesome, did you see me in my roses? 🙂


  2. Hi Jozien. Yes indeed, we did fly over Mendenhall. I tried to pick out your house but I wasn’t sure which one it was. We were heading for the Aishihik area and landed at the last in the Gladstone chain of lakes.

    Lucca: the stomach was fine. I went up there because the company is looking into a possible hydro project there.


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