Down on the Farm

Today was chicken butchering day at a former neighbour’s place. I’ve been helping out for the past few years but this was Joe’s first time. I’ll make a farmer out of him yet!

The chickens are hung upside down and stunned with an electric current, which renders them unconscious.  Then their necks are slit. It’s as quick and as humane as possible.

The end result. We came home with a dozen chickens for our freezer.
Some of the laying hens. Unlike the meat birds, this crew still has a long life ahead.
Tom and Simone also have several goats. They use their milk to make cheese and soap and also turn their fur into yarn.

One thought on “Down on the Farm

  1. What an interesting day! I’m glad you posted the pictures. I have been imagining you at this for a while now. I’m sure they will make some very tasty dinners. I just boiled up a pot of bones last night and made some fine stock for soups.


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