Something Old, Something New

Hunting season is just about upon us, the garden is coming on, and the wild berries are ripening. Time to empty the freezer of last year’s treasures to make room for this year’s.

Meals lately have been a combination of something old; something new. A dinner with fresh salad greens accompanies last year’s caribou or moose and last year’s fruit or berries (this week’s desserts were raspberry pie, saskatoon berry pie, and stewed plums). I discovered four packages of frozen kale from last year’s garden. Some of it I mixed with green onions (from this year’s garden), garlic and feta cheese and stuffed into calzones; more will be served as a side dish with this year’s salmon. And still more will go into a Spanish soup called caldo gallego with chorizo sausage and baby potatoes from the garden. I am determined that after all the hard work that went into filling the freezer last year, not one bit of the food will go to waste.

Calzones, some with kale, green onions and feta cheese and some with moose spaghetti sauce and two kinds of cheese.

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