Tough Week

It’s been a while since I posted. I haven’t felt much like writing anything over the last week…we found out Joe’s mom has lung cancer. We’ll know more in a few days when she meets with the specialist to find out what her options are for treatment, if any.

Thank goodness for my yoga and my garden, both of which sustain me through good and bad times. Today’s harvest: a huge bowl of swiss chard (some of which I gave to a neighbour), baby carrots, baby potatoes and a couple of chocolate cherry tomatoes. These I grew only because of their name but they are delicious! I’ll post photos soon (still need to post one of me standing on my head too).


5 thoughts on “Tough Week

  1. Truly sorry to hear about Joe’s Mom. Please pass along our concearns. Unfortunately as we get older our bodies began to wear out. Check your facebook, I posted a video that you might like. It might even pick you up a bit. “G”


  2. Thanks everyone for your concern and support. Not really anything anyone can do at this point…it’s just wait and see. We hope to know more shortly.


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