No Order Here

I’m such a wimp when it comes to ‘unplanned’ garden plants. As a result of some stray self-seeding from last year’s crop, I have swiss chard and borage growing among the potatoes, lettuce thriving among the carrots, dill making a show among this year’s chard, potatoes pushing the beets out of the way, and sunflowers growing everywhere! But do you think I can pull out any of these errant plants? Nope. They will get harvested along with everything else. However until then, I haven’t got the heart to end their frolicking. No orderly garden here I’m afraid.

Garden mash-up. See the bare spot in the middle of the potatoes? That's where I harvested the first of the Norlands. Delicious!

More raspberries from the patch at work. I can't figure out why no one else is picking these.

3 thoughts on “No Order Here

    1. Well unless I was reading the wrong graffiti on that washroom wall in Ireland, it should say … “good luck or just luck”.


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