As Promised

Not great form and I still want to be near a wall for moral support but it's coming. By the way, excuse the messy room!

8 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. Carole: the name of the board game escapes me…it’s one my dad used to play and he actually made the board. I keep meaning to ask my older brother how to play it since I’ve forgotten. Gary, can you help me out here?


  2. Is that the game I see in the pic. I don’t know the name but he and Edna used to play it. I think I know how it plays but I’m not sure. How does Chinese Checkers play?


  3. No it’s totally different from Chinese checkers. It’s actually closer to cribbage. I could probably find the instructions on how to play it via Google if I could remember the name of the game. Darn!


  4. Rob: Actually it feels great! I’m totally energized after a few minutes upside down. Apparently it’s the only yoga pose where the heart is able to relax. Now that I’m getting a bit better at it I feel like I want to be on my head several times a day!


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