Tuckered Out

Today is a holiday in the Yukon (Discovery Day) but there was no lazing about in the Binger household. I saw Joe and Jamie off at the airport at 6 a.m. They’re heading down to see Joe’s mom. Iris and I will follow shortly, and we’ll meet Alan who’s flying in from N.S.

After saying my good-byes to the boys I ran back home, collected Iris and Allison, and dropped them off at a friend’s house (they were all going on a river rafting day trip). Then I packed a picnic lunch and headed up to the Skagway Summit for a few hours of berry picking.

Back home, I cleaned the berries, froze some for a pie later on, and used the rest to make jam.

It’s not even 6 p.m. and I’m pooped. I need a day off to recover from my day off!

From bush...
to hand...
to bowl...
to jar.
It might have been close to 30 degrees all week-end but these colours are a reminder that fall is not far off.

2 thoughts on “Tuckered Out

  1. Janet! When i close my eyes all i see is blueberries. Don (my berry picking husband) says he has the same thing. We only get it with those kind of blueberries! Do you have this phenomana?
    We were picking at the Haines summit, we didn’t know there were ‘high bush’ blueberries at your summit??? I thought everybody there picks the low bush.


  2. Jozien: I guess I haven’t picked enough berries this year to get that ‘seeing them with my eyes closed’ feeling. Yes, most people go for the low bush blueberries at Log Cabin but there are also high bush berries a bit closer to Skagway.


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