Sad Story #2

Back in the 70s, Nova Scotia Power sent my father a letter stating that they needed to build a powerline through his property. Dad was opposed of course. The line would, in part, cut through his hardwood lot. He fought it as best he could, but in the end he had little choice but to sign the easement agreement. He was bitter about it to his dying days.

The power company cleared half the right of way, saying it would clear the other half at some point in the future when electrical demand grew to the point where it would need to build a second power line. Well, the future is now. I arrived at the farm last week to see a huge swath of woodland on our property cleared to the ground. It’s a shocking sight with the trees ripped out of the earth. It broke my heart and I said a little prayer of thanks that dad wasn’t around to see it.

How ironic that I work for a power company that is pursuing its own generation and transmission projects. I was telling someone in Atlin the story today and they quipped that it was karma. That’s one way of looking at it, but I prefer to think of it as making me better at my job because I have real empathy for those opposed to the power company’s plans.


One thought on “Sad Story #2

  1. I can feel your ‘reporting’ roots coming out in this story and the last. EVERY story has two sides and when they are hidden, in any portion, the picture gets skewed. I have a feeling this is going on all across the nation and I hope lots of people read this.


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