Urban Homesteading?

Not too long ago if someone asked me what I did on the week-end and I hadn’t gone anywhere, I would say I just stayed home and did work around the house and yard. Now there’s a yuppy-ish phrase for it: urban homesteading. It sounds a bit too ernest for my liking, but whatever you want to call it, here’s some of what I’ve been up to so far this week-end.
Sink full of chard. I blanched it and it's now tucked away in the freezer for winter soups, pasta dishes and the like.
Dilled carrots. It took forever to wash all those little carrots!
Cleaning out one of my monster perennial flower beds. I neglected the perennials to the point where they got totally out of control this summer. I pledge to do better next year.
Pizza night
Apple pies and strawberry tart. The apples are precious; they're Gravensteins that I lugged back from Nova Scotia and they are the best pie apples I've ever had. I'm now using the skins and cores to make apple jelly. Can't afford to waste any part of these babies.
Black and blue. I'm dreading the months when it will be too cold to use my clothesline. I find the dryer takes years off the life of my clothes.
I had some delicious cornbread at the Atlin Inn on Friday, so yesterday I decided to try to replicate it. The result? Not nearly as good as the Inn's. I think the trick is finding some really coarse cornmeal, something I didn't have for this particular batch.

2 thoughts on “Urban Homesteading?

  1. Lovely photos. You want to see neglect of perrenials, then you should see our front garden. *sigh*

    Riverside sells bags of corn grits (with all the other Bob’s Red Mill flours) and it makes really lovely corn bread.


  2. Wow! Your descriptions just make me want to be at your house. I would be a good galley slave for you. You’re lucky that Fawn is reading this. She obviously knows where the supplies are.


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