Tomato Trials

I must admit I didn’t put much thought into the tomato varieties I planted this year. Because of my trip to Spain I couldn’t grow my own from seed, so I pretty much just grabbed a few different kinds from the gardening centre and stuck them in the greenhouse. Here are my thoughts on Taibhsearachd Garden’s 2010 crop:

Chocolate Cherry: chosen purely for the name. However they surprized me. When ripe the bottom half is mahogany brown and the top half is green. These bite sized tomatoes are juicy with a sweet but complex flavour and a nice zing, just the way I like a tomato. I would definitely grow them again. They ripened early and have continued providing me with salads and snacks for several weeks.

Sungold: another cherry tomato and my favourite this year. Like the Chocolate Cherry, they ripened early and often, and are still going strong. They are orange in colour when ripe and are juicy and flavourful. Another variety I will grow again.

Purple Prince: I would  give this a 3 out of 5. It didn’t scream flavour but still, not bad. However I probably wouldn’t give up my limited greenhouse space to this tomato again.

Ildi: these are yellow grape tomatoes. They’re OK but the flavour is very mild; a bit too mild for my liking. They add a good contrast of colour to tomato salads though, so I might consider growing them again just for that reason.

Sweet Millions: these have been a garden standard for many people for many years. They don’t thrill me and I will give them a pass next year. They’re not as juicy as some of the other kinds and their fresh from the vine flavour is somewhat lacklustre.

Tomato Duchess: these were my least favourite tomatoes. They grow large but take a long time to ripen, and they are rather dry and pithy. It’s a no for me.

Now it’s your turn. I’m looking for recommendations for tomato varieties for next year. I’d love to hear about your favourites.

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