The Up Side of the Down Side

The down side:

-It has been snowing here for two days. There’s about eight inches of white stuff covering my garden.

-The snow came before I could harvest my leeks or most of my carrots. I tried pulling some carrots tonight but the frozen tops just snapped off in my hand. I am hoping this snow doesn’t stay so I can rescue my orange friends from a winter underground.

-The snow came before I could spread compost on most of my gardens or before I had a chance to collect horse manure for the same purpose.

-The snow came before I could rake our lawns.

-The snow came.

The up side:

-It’s a Friday night and I don’t have to be anywhere. A whole week-end stretches before me.

-Joe made moose stew before he came to bed last night so I don’t have to cook dinner.

-I sent Joe off to his first yoga class of the season and I stayed home to sit by the wood stove with a hot cup of tea.

-We have two full freezers and lots of firewood.

-In spite of the snow, life is good.


4 thoughts on “The Up Side of the Down Side

  1. I can feel the cold starting to arrive up there! How many of those really cold/miserable days did we experience back in NS?! One of the best things about moving to the west coast for me was the mild winters and leaving those frozen challenges behind. If winters up there are even close to the same, I can feel for you! I also can appreciate how much you must enjoy your visits down here! On the other hand, you have probably lived longer up north now than you have lived closer to the 49th.


  2. Rob: Yes I remember many a time, in the middle of a blizzard, that my dad had to put chains on his tractor and drive us down the mountain so we could get to school because there was no way his car was going to make it. I take it climate change has tempered things quite a bit there. Here in the Yukon we might not get quite as much snow as we did as kids back in Valley but it gets a heck of a lot colder, and that brings its own challenges in terms of starting vehicles, etc. I definitely envy you your mild weather. Just to be able to grow corn and field tomatoes would be a wonderful thing.

    Carole: You’re right! What silly weather. Let’s hope this isn’t here to stay.


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