Question of the Day

My mom was a worrier. Growing up it drove me nuts. I used to grumble under my breath that if she wasn’t worrying about something, she was worried that she wasn’t worrying.

I now realize I am my mother’s daughter. My name is Janet and I am a worrier. I worry about my kids, particularly my youngest at the moment. I worry about Joe’s mom. I worry about a friend who is in dire financial straits. I worry about the future of the planet.

I fully realize that worrying is a wasted pastime. I work hard during my yoga/meditation practice at banishing the worry from mind and body. But it always finds its way back like a virile virus.

Last night worry invaded my dream world. I dreamed that I was walking a pack of wolves. They were running off here, there and everywhere and I was concerned that other people who were out walking their dogs would be afraid of them. Finally I got them reasonably together and turned around to walk them home again. But it was such a struggle to move forward…it was like I was walking on the moon. Every step was a major accomplishment. I remember thinking, “Why is the simple act of walking so difficult?”

So dear friends, here’s the question of the day: are you a worrier? If you are, how do you get rid of your worries?


3 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. Today I am worrying about whether I forgot anything when I was packing Jade up to go camping with Michael. Did I leave out anything really crucial??? Will she be happy to eat the meals I prepared? Will the strawberries stay fresh? Also: Halia is at home with the nanny and the nanny’s little girl, but no sister and no Mama. Is she happy? Does she miss me? Also: I’m going away for a 3-day course next week. How hard will that be on the girls? How hard will that be on me?

    Happily, none of these worries is nearly as crippling as the ones I had two years ago.

    And to get rid of the worries: sometimes I go to sleep, sometimes I read, sometimes I write music, sometimes I blog. And other times I sing. 🙂


  2. Hi. I was looking for something from the Yukon. When I was visiting Yukon a few years age I was suffering from anxiety attacks. 4 years ago we bought a business that was partially new to us. I worried horrible until the point that I realized that it`s killing me. I worried about running out f money, About my husband`s judgments , about not having a nice house ever again. But I had to give up worrying if I wanted to live . So I realized that accepting my situation and doing the best I can and beyond that I~m just learning to trust the Lord who enables me to face everything that comes. It may look childish , but can you find anything better that works?
    Have a great Fall in beautiful Yukon.


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