The Potatovore’s Delimma

I had a pretty decent crop of potatoes this year. Until this morning, my spud harvest was sitting in boxes on the floor of my garage. But with the frosty weather upon us, I needed to figure out a more long-term storage solution, since – like most Yukoners – my garage is not heated and the freezing temperatures would have turned my tatts into mush.

I thought about using the crawl space, but the mental image of me having to wiggle my way down there every time I wanted a potato didn’t appeal. Instead, I opted for storing them in Alan’s now vacant bedroom, which isn’t heated. As long as I keep the door closed, and when I get a moment layer the potatoes between sheets of newspaper, those spuds should be just fine.

Come to think of it, that room would be a good place to keep my wine too. And the saurkraut I’m making. And my pickles. Hmmm. Could make an interesting sleeping experience for any overnight guests we have this winter!


3 thoughts on “The Potatovore’s Delimma

  1. Glad you saved your potatoes!. What does the newspaper do? Just asking , because i am always trying to do the right thing. I found the best is when i can keep my coolroom just a few degrees above freezing. And it appeared that the once i store in jute sacks (what do they call them here?) they sprout later when the store room inevitable warms up in spring.


  2. Jozien: Apparently storing the potatoes between sheets of newspaper prevent spoilage in one potato from spreading to all the potatoes in the box. And yes, I’ve heard that paper bags or jute sacks are good ways to store potatoes too.


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