Dia de los Muertos

Lady Death, from latinamericanstudies.org

Tomorrow is Day of the Dead, when Latinos celebrate the lives and share the memories of relatives who have passed on. I love this way of remembering those who are no longer with us. Here’s who I’ll be thinking about tomorrow:

  • Dad for his strong work ethic and fierce love of the land
  • Mom for her sense of community service and her perseverance during tough times
  • Susan for her wonderful laugh and generous spirit
  • Grammie for her sharp mind and sharper eyes (she had a knack for finding four leaf clovers just about every time she went for a walk)
  • Nanna and Gampy, for everything they did for my husband, and for teaching me why it’s usually good to forget about the bad stuff and focus on the good
  • Doug, for reinforcing for me the notion that people deserve second chances
  • Ed, for being a good grandfather to my kids
  • Mary, for caring when it felt like no one else did
  • Garth, for his funny stories and his deep appreciation of a good meal
  • Gloria, for her knowledge of plants and flowers, her pickles, and for the gingerbread people she made for me when I was a kid

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