Sleepless and Sick in Seattle

Pike Place Market in Seattle
The world famous Pike Place Fish Market, where the staff throw fish back and forth to one another. You can see a clip of what I'm talking about here:
The sun sets over Seattle
A tedious job!

I didn’t have a lot of free time in Seattle, but on the last day there I did manage to get downtown to visit the market. It’s a great spot and I had a grand time sampling food from the dozens of booths there. However there’s a reason gluttony was once deemed one of the seven deadly sins. A few hours later I was dealing with a bad case of food poisoning…not how I would have chosen to end my visit to the Emerald City. Let’s just say I now know first hand what it means to be sleepless in Seattle.


One thought on “Sleepless and Sick in Seattle

  1. Ooooh, no fun! Hmmm, perhaps I should stop scarfing down these toasted coconut marshmallows I bought at the SuperA. I doubt they’d give me food poisoning, but the sugar and calories and the potential for tummy aches… all there.

    Hope you’re back to 100%!


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