A Fairy Came to Dinner on a Snowy Winter’s Eve

Scene 1:
It had been snowing almost non-stop for what seemed like days. Now, the temperature was dropping, with an expected low of -30 degrees C. The situation called for a dinner that warmed one’s innards.

Scene 2:
The B. house was overflowing with squash. There was zucchini squash in the fridge, spaghetti squash on the counter, butternut squash in the ‘cold room’. Into this squash-filled house, trying its best to hide amongst this week’s produce order, snuck a huge fairy squash. A beautiful specimen of a creature, but still…A SQUASH! 

Scene 3:
A culmination of Scenes 1 and 2.

Fairy squash stuffed with ground moose, zucchini, tomatoes, herbs and spices. Almost ready for the oven, except for some grated cheese on top.
Ready to eat.

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