Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived One Week Before Christmas

So here’s the deal: for the past two weeks my life has been a series of early morning yoga classes, full days at work, and public meetings or Open Houses (again for work) in the evenings, with a few dance classes thrown in for good measure. Christmas preparations? Not even on the radar.

That’s why, with the ho-ho-holiday just over a week away, I have little to show for it.

Our Christmas tree? Still naked and bored hanging out all by itself in the garage. I had high hopes of having it looking festive and welcoming for Iris when she arrives home today. Sorry girlie.

Presents wrapped? Not a one.

Presents purchased? We’re not really doing presents this year anyway – just a few little things to open – but I don’t even have many of those.

Christmas cards sent? Sorry folks. Maybe next year.

Christmas cookies made? I will be drawn and quartered if I don’t get the peanut butter balls and strawberries made this week-end. I did manage to make several other kinds (I hardly remember doing it but I must have as the filled tins are sitting in the front porch). I think given the circumstances I should give myself a silver star, if not a gold one, for that accomplishment.

Christmas food shopping done? I’ve barely had time to eat let alone make it to the grocery store. That might explain why I hear an echo when I open the refrigerator. I’ve never seen so much ‘white space’ before!!

So this morning I have skipped yoga. In a short while I will go in to the office. I will get done what I absolutely have to get done. Then I will go to the airport, pick up Iris, and take the rest of the day off work. I will slow down, enjoy my daughter’s company, have a glass of wine, make the first decent meal I’ve had in several days, and maybe – just maybe – get that tree decorated.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived One Week Before Christmas

  1. Sounds like you’ll have help for the tree part at least. Hope Iris makes a good Christmas elf and that you enjoy your time together. I’ll be thinking of you trimming the tree. I got your parcel off yesterday so watch for it next week! and remember: b-r-e-a-t-h-e!


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