Hunkering Down

It’s the first real cold snap of the season, with temperatures into the minus 30s. Time to just hunker down inside. That’s what I’ll be doing for most of the day… decorating the tree (I actually got the tree up and lights on before Iris arrived last night on a flight that was delayed several hours), making cookies, and baking a birthday cake for a friend. Tonight we’re going out with her for Japanese food and then back to her place for the cake and a few hands of cards.

I can’t resist posting a photo from this fellow Yukoner’s blog. It’s an interior shot of one of the outhouses near the Skagway summit, taken yesterday. Sure makes me appreciate my own humble ‘throne’.


2 thoughts on “Hunkering Down

  1. You forget how cold it used to be at home before plumbing,,, oh I forgot you’re just a kid and didn’t experience the traditional mountain outhouse. It’s an experience that will expand your senses. The one thing you do learn is not to dilly dally, either in the heat of the summer or the cold of winter.


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