What I Learned in 2010

I’m a bit slow off the mark in terms of writing a New Year’s posting. I hope 2011 is starting off in the best way possible for all of you.

Since year-end always brings with it a certain amount of reflection on what has been, I thought I’d spend a few minutes jotting down some thoughts about 2010; specifically regarding what bits of knowledge or wisdom managed to seep into my feeble brain. So here are five things I learned over the past 12 months:

1. Letting go: I spent a great deal of time in 2010 trying to just ‘let go’, particularly when it came to my kids. Time and time again I had to tell myself that I needed to back off and allow them to learn from their own actions. No matter that I fear that at least one of them is going down a path that will cause them pain or difficulty. I have to trust that they will all find their final and proper destinations in the end, regardless of how many twists there will be in the road or how rugged the terrain. “Motherhood” and “letting go” are not two phrases that easily go hand in hand for me, so I’ve struggled with this. Hopefully I made some gains in 2010.

2. You don’t need much: My time on the Camino was a reminder to me that we really need very little in terms of material goods. A warm and dry place to sleep, a full belly, a decent pair of walking shoes and a change of clothes. It’s too bad we choose to clutter our homes and lives with so much more than that.

3. Love and kindness are all that really matter: Again, this is something that I knew but needed to be reminded of on the Camino.

4. I am a farmer: Even though it’s not my occupation, it is something that is a fundamental part of who I am. I guess I have suspected this for a while but came to know it with certainty in 2010.

5. I can stand on my head: Odd, but I learned that I love standing on my head and try to do it for at least a minute or two every day. Turning my body upside down tends to give me a different perspective, in more ways than one.


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