An Honest Day’s Work

Spent the afternoon out of town, helping a co-worker, her husband and her father clear some brush on what someday will be their farm. It’s an 88-acre lot – completely forest covered at this point – and they plan to do much of the clearing by hand, salvaging everything they can for fence posts, lumber, firewood, etc. It may sound like slow going, but actually we made decent progress today. It was satisfying work too…good, honest, physical labour. Sure beats going to the gym and running on a treadmill to nowhere!


One thought on “An Honest Day’s Work

  1. Love the photo. Am immediately seeing the symbolism in it. What would I like to burn on the winter fire that would clear the way for the rest of my year? What do I want/need to save from the old landscape that would be useful in what I am building next? Hmmm.


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