A New Surprise Every Week

I’ve written here before about the fact that I belong to a local food produce club. Every Tuesday I come home with a bag of assorted organic fruits and veggies. I never know what I’ll end up with, as the people who do the choosing select whatever happens to be in season or available that week.

At first I wasn’t keen on the fact that this choice was taken out of my hands. But after several months of trying it out, I have to say I quite like it; there’s something fun about the ‘mystery’ element of it. What will find its way into my kitchen this week? I also like the fact that I am being introduced to produce that I’ve never tasted before, so it’s expanding my cooking repertoire. For instance, who knew there was such a thing as dinosaur kale? I didn’t. Nor had I ever seen red-skinned sweet potatoes before this week. I’ve always been much more partial to yams, which have a moister texture than sweet potatoes, but these red-skinned ones that I had for dinner tonight (with some Russian Red kale, also from this week’s allotment) were very tasty.

The produce club does allow for some preferences. For instance I have asked to only receive things grown in Canada or the U.S. And if someone doesn’t like a particular fruit or vegetable, they can request that they not get it in their orders. You don’t have to live in Whitehorse to join the club either; they’ll ship to other Yukon communities.

I will suspend my membership in the summer and early fall of course, because our garden will keep us fed during those months. But having been introduced to some new varieties through the produce club, I’m going to try growing some of them this year.

So my hat goes off to you Suat and my stomach salutes you. Many thanks!


One thought on “A New Surprise Every Week

  1. My organic delivery used to work like this as well. I used to say that it felt like Christmas because they also delivered at night. I would get up in the morning and this bin of surprise goodies would be sitting on my doorstep. Nowadays, I know exactly what will be in my bin and I confess that it takes some of the delight out of it. I have never heard of the red-skinned yams wither. Now you’ve got me curious.


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