Better Than It Sounds

You know what’s good about muffins? You can put just about any possible ingredient in them and they always end up tasting good. Take today’s version for instance, pulled together with things I had an over-abundance of: apples, carrots and kale (yes, kale!). Throw in some nuts and currants plus the usual flour, levener, sweetener (I used maple syrup), oil, an egg, and some spices (cinnamon and nutmeg), and you’ve got a snack that’s yummy and that you can feel good about eating.


2 thoughts on “Better Than It Sounds

  1. We made them too! We did the honey and added raisins. The kids loved them!!

    Maple syrup sounds like it would make them even better. We will have to try that with our when we make them again tomorrow (the first double batch is already gone!).


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