Phew! What a wild several days it’s been. I’ve been involved in helping to organize a conference that has meant working 13 hour days lately. Now that it has ended, I am left dealing with an office that looks like it was at the epicentre of the Japanese earthquake. My house doesn’t look much better. And my body? It hasn’t liked the added workload and stress, and has protested by way of conjuring up a streaming cold for me to contend with.

So I’m moving into retreat mode. My office can wait until Monday. My house will forgive me if I don’t spend my entire week-end cleaning. My body I am trying to make peace with by bribing it with lots of hot lemon drinks and some added rest. Nope, no exciting week-end for me. Just some time to regroup and recharge.

By the way, I got some great news this week from my daughter. She’s been accepted into a university exchange program in Ghana. She’ll be heading there for a couple of months starting in May to study African music, dance, and history.

As for my oldest son, he spent last week-end in the recording studio putting down tracks for a new single “Raise the Flag”.

And the youngest? I’m still celebrating the fact that he actually passed Grade 12 English. He just might graduate after all!


One thought on “Retreating

  1. I watched/listened to Alan’s Youtube video. You know this isn’t my favourite genre of music, but I liked the … I don’t know the right words because I don’t have the musical vocabulary – the beat and the melody, if there is such a thing in this music. I left him a comment. Watching the next generation is SO interesting!


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