More Camino Friends!

I wrote a few days ago about the TV crew from Brussels that was on the Camino at the same time I was. There are now two episodes posted on the internet that include some of the friends I travelled with. In this one, you’ll meet Irma, a woman from California who I first came across at Roncevalles. She is a sweetheart. She slept in the bunk next to me (in the video the upper bunk near the back of her head was mine!).

Then if you look down at the bottom of the page there is an episode that focusses on Father Martin. He was the priest from Mexico who I met in Orisson. Quite the character.

It’s strange, but even though I really didn’t know these people all that well, they feel like long lost family to me. Bonds form on the Camino that wouldn’t necessarily in everyday life.

Coincidently, I received an email from another of my Camino friends today. Her husband is leaving in a week to walk to Santiago. I’m excited for him!


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