Here’s a twist on the title Honorable; cast your mind back about 22 months, when the whole ATCO/OPCO thing was happening. At the time, I tried to contact my Yukon Party MLA Jim Kenyon to talk to him about it. He didn’t return my calls. He didn’t return my emails. In fact I emailed every single Yukon Party caucus member about this issue. Not one of them responded to me in any way. And not one of them had the fortitude to say anything critical about the Premier except Brad Cathers, who removed himself from Caucus and is now sitting as an Independent. Talk about circling the wagons!

Now Kenyon has thrown his hat in the ring for the job of Yukon Party leader. Now he’s talking about what a micro-manager the Premier is. Now he’s saying how difficult it’s been working with Fentie.

I don’t expect to always agree with the beliefs of or approaches taken by my MLA or my government. What I do expect is honesty, forthrightness and integrity. And Kenyon, I haven’t seen any of that from you. Not 22 months ago. Not now. Not any time in between. Honorable would definitely not be the first word that comes to mind when I think of you.


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