It’s been a busy week-end. Not only did I have two dance performances (year end show at Northern Lights School of Dance) but I also took in Gwaandak Theatre’s latest offering Cafe Daughter. It’s a one woman play about a Chinese-Cree girl growing up in Saskatachewan and it’s amazing! Great acting, great direction, great set, etc. – the whole package.

With dance classes behind me for another year I can turn my attention to the soil. Finally, there are stirrings of life in the Taibhsearachd Gardens. There are chives for the picking, the rhubarb is poking its nubby nose out, and the early seeding of lettuce and radishes that I planted a couple of weeks ago is up.

My job this morning was to plant some asparagus roots. This will not only be a test of whether they can survive Yukon winters, but also a test of my patience, since it will be three years before I’ll be able to harvest those delicious spears. Fingers crossed on both accounts!


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