Jetsetting Yukon Style

Had a chance to head up to the Mayo B hydro project this week. Pretty interesting stuff. Here are a few quick shots:

Birdseye view of the Mayo River
Me in my safety gear, standing beside the penstock (the pipe that will carry water from Wareham Lake to the new powerhouse). You can't tell by looking at it but the penstock is about 10.5 feet in diameter. Once it's all welded together (all 3.9 kilometres of it), I'd love to walk the whole thing from the inside. Doubt that I could ever get permission to do such a thing.
That's me sitting on that rock that's jutting out into the river.
My ride

4 thoughts on “Jetsetting Yukon Style

  1. Very cool! We saw a gigantic pipe on the back of a transport truck last week and Michael said, “That’s going up to Mayo B”. It’s crazy that it looks so nondescript in the pic!


  2. What a great way to spend a day – thanks for sharing the photos. I’ve been seeing some huge pipes on trucks lately but had no idea where they were going. Any chance there will be a tour of Mayo B when it’s complete? I’ve been through the Whitehorse facility 3 times over the years and it’s very interesting.


    1. Yes I’m sure Yukon Energy will offer some tours. However if you’d like to see the site this summer you might try contacting the contractor, Kiewit. I believe they are planning to offer Sunday tours to the residents of Mayo. You could probably tag along.


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