I Love Old Crow!

Just got back from a full day in Old Crow, the Yukon’s most northerly community. I haven’t been there in several years and I had forgotten just how beautiful a place it is, both physically and because of the people who live there.  They were so warm and welcoming to us.

I went equipped with a jacket and rain gear, but it turns out that Old Crow must have been one of the hottest spots in Canada today, with a temperature of 28 degrees. It was humid too, so it felt even hotter. Here are a few quick pics.

About to land, with the Porcupine River in view.
There can be no doubt this is Porcupine Caribou territory. There must have been 4o or 50 racks on top of this building.
There's been a lot of media coverage over the years about the high cost of food in Old Crow. Nonetheless, it was still a shock to see the prices in the local grocery store.
And if you're looking for ice cream as we were on this hot day, it'll set you back more than $17.00!
It being so warm, I thought there'd be lots of kids swimming off this spit of land. Instead they amused themselves by having a water balloon fight in the middle of town...
...and by blowing bubbles.

We arrived back in Whitehorse at shortly before midnight, just in time to see the setting sun turn the horizon orange.

I really do live a charmed life.


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