My Yoga Vacation

Spent the week-end at a yoga retreat just outside of Whitehorse. I have come home feeling relaxed, refreshed, and with a clear mind. I almost didn’t go on this retreat, but I’m so glad I did!

Wild roses outside of my cabin
Gorgeous weather allowed us to do some of our meditations and 'lessons' outside.
Colourful yoga mats
Amazing meals and snacks. The chef said it wasn't her; that she was just channelling the food gods. If that is the case, she did a very good channelling job! These are banana strawberry smoothies.
More flowers - these ones on a trail up behind the retreat centre.

I have lots more photos but I have tried to choose ones for this blog that don’t allow for easy people identification, since I don’t have permission to post anyone’s picture.


One thought on “My Yoga Vacation

  1. This is lovely, Janet. I’m so glad you went and that it provided you with what you needed. Beautiful flowers and beautiful food, and beautiful people, I’m sure!


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