The Ever Present ‘To Do’ List

Had a great Canada Day yesterday down at Shipyards Park. However now it’s back to reality…a busy day of staining the fence, laying down sod (we’re re-doing our front lawn) and if the weather continues to hold, staining our deck.

And that hardly touches the list of things that need doing. I love our house, but it is 40 years old or more, so maintenance has become pretty constant. The ‘to do’ list is always longer than the ‘done’ list, and good intentions outweigh time and money 10 to 1.

Nevertheless, I’ve already made a good start on the fence this morning, and Joe has just gone to get the sod, so we’ll finish off the lawn today.

If we make good progress today, and if the weather cooperates, we’re going to take a break tomorrow to go hiking in Kluane Park. I’d say that’s pretty good incentive.


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