I’ve come to the conclusion that a stay-at-home vacation is highly underrated. I took last Friday and all of this week off and had initially hoped to make it to Vancouver. But plans got changed and I’m sticking around here instead. And I’ve got to say…today I am having one of the most relaxing, enjoyable days I’ve experienced in a long while.

It isn’t that I’m doing anything terribly special; I’m just puttering really. But it’s puttering I don’t often find time to do. I made home-made pizzas today (even had time to make my own tomato sauce) and some corn bread (first time in my life I’ve ever made it in a cast iron frying pan and it was delicious!). I went for a long walk and visited a patch of wild saskatoon bushes. This year, like last, most of the berries were dried up. I’m thinking of transplanting a bush or two into my garden to see if they do any better there.

Even though I wasn’t very successful gathering berries, I did collect some bolete mushrooms to dry. Boletes are one of the few types of Yukon mushrooms I’m confident enough to eat.

Hanging in a sunny window to dry




One thought on “Underrated

  1. What a lovely photo! I was thinking about the dry Saskatoon berries. Might be nice for baking/cooking/salads in the winter. Can you eat them that way?


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