Sadness and Celebration

Joe’s mom’s passing yesterday wasn’t sudden…she had been ill for more than a year. But because her life force was so strong, it’s still hard to believe she’s gone. She was a remarkable woman; we all called her “Amazing Grace”.

In sadness though there is celebration; not just for the life Grace lived and the people she touched, but for those she created or put in motion to be created. Coe, one of her grandchildren, had a birthday on Saturday. That same day, our Iris returned home safe and sound from Ghana.  And today is Joe’s and my 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years!! There really is alot to celebrate. Thank you Grace for making so many lives so much richer. Big, big love.


2 thoughts on “Sadness and Celebration

  1. Oh, losing a beloved person is so difficult, and I can only imagine the magnitude of the loss when that person is a parent. My condolences to you and Joe and the whole family.

    And congratulations on 30 years of marriage — truly wonderful!


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