Garden Deconstruction

It’s been a week-end of harvesting. Pulled the carrots and spent hours washing, slicing, blanching and freezing some of them. Still lots left to do. Put the ones still needing to be processed along side the boxes of harvested potatoes sitting in our garage.

Pulled the rest of the beets and pickled them, harvested the kohlrabi (not a lot so will just keep them in the fridge and slice them raw into salads), and picked a big bowl of tomatoes.

Pulled up the pea plants and shelled and shelled and shelled peas. Swore that next year I would only plant edible pod varieties…shelling peas takes forever! Some of them went into a creamed salmon dish I made last night and the rest I froze.

Picked more raspberries, but they didn’t last long, since they were my snack of choice throughout the day yesterday.

The dill and kale are now the only thing standing in the large garden. I have the red cabbages still to harvest in the smaller garden and maybe a few more raspberries, and that will be it. 

Stripping the garden bare is always a sad time for me, but I take some comfort in knowing that we’ll be enjoying its spoils for some weeks still because of my freezing and pickling efforts.


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