Alive and Well

Yes, I realize I have been neglecting this blog terribly over the last several weeks. First it was The Sole Project, then my trip to Vancouver, and then a week in Nova Scotia. But that’s all behind me now and I’m back in the saddle.

My brother's dog Princess. She has no teeth, so there's nothing to keep her tongue in her mouth.


I'm cringing as I post this photo since it's such a horrible one of me (honest to God my thighs aren't that big in real life!) but I'm hoping your eyes will be drawn instead to the beautiful fall colours. The people beside me are my oldest brother and his youngest son.

One thought on “Alive and Well

  1. Those are truly gorgeous fall colours. Also, I think you look great — like your hair was newly done to go with the foliage! And MY thighs are definitley that size in real life. 🙂


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