Bone Soup

I love the children’s story The Stone Soup, in which a delicious soup is made thanks to a trickster, a pot, some water and a stone.

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In my case this week-end, it was bone soup. Not only did I have a nice ham bone crying out to be used for soup, but I also had three chicken carcasses in the freezer that needed to be used up.

First I made a big pot of Italian chicken soup (roasting and adding some tomatoes I found at the back of the crisper gave it an extra boost of flavour). Next I cut off some of the ham from the bone (the meat will be used in a rice or pasta dish later this week) and threw the bone in a pot with all the regular fixings to make split pea soup.

That, along with some energy bars I made and some cheese bread Joe baked means we’ll have lots of ready-made food to keep us going this week. I love it when I’m organized enough to have a cooking day on the week-end. Makes life so much easier for the next several days.


One thought on “Bone Soup

  1. Makes life easier and more delicious. I wish I were eating in your ‘cafeteria’ this week. I’m imagining a whiff of soup. You’re also inspiring me to get out my soup pot!


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