Let the Games Begin

The airplane. Photo credit: Robin Armour.

The Arctic Winter Games are upon us. Athletes from around the circumpolar north are here; it’s very cool to see the moving swaths of colour as the athletes, dressed in their team uniforms, make their way en masse from place to place. It brings a great energy to Whitehorse.

I’ll be splitting my time (part volunteer and part work related) between Arctic Sports and Dene Games this week. What’s unusual about these particular sports is that the athletes are expected to share their knowledge and provide advice to their competitors. Working together, they can each be the best they can be. It reminds me of that famous Luciano de Crescenzo quote: “We are all angels but with one wing, and only by embracing each other can we fly.” It’s an approach we could all learn from not just in sport, but in life.

For those of you who have never seen these events before, they are worth watching. I expect some will be featured on national TV, but here are some videos to give you a taste:

Knuckle Hop

One Foot High Kick

Head Pull

Sledge Jump

Two Foot High Kick


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