Best Seat in the House

For part of today I got to be scorekeeper for the women’s one foot high kick. That meant I was right on the field of play with the athletes, coaches and officials, and could hear all the advice being given to each individual athlete. It was so interesting to watch and listen.

My biggest ‘wow’ moment though came at the start of the day when the athletes were warming up. A warm up for some of them was doing a hand stand and then walking around on their hands for several minutes, followed by jumping a long skipping rope while being face down with their hands flat on the floor and their toes on the floor. Every time the skipping rope came down their both hands and both feet came off the floor at the same time. I’m not kidding! When I came home tonight I tried jumping that way (minus the skipping rope), and think I got all of three jumps in. These kids probably did 25 or more. I am totally in awe of their strength and stamina.


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