Perspectives in Time and Space

I had an experience in my dreamworld last night that’s never happened to me before (at least that I can remember). In my dream, I was in Spain for a second time, attending a university there. Twice in my dream I saw myself and Joe among the people in the crowds, as we appeared in our waking life the first time we visited Spain several years ago. Both times when I saw myself I called out to the people standing with me, “Look! That’s me!!” but they didn’t seem to understand or to recognize what an amazing thing it was to see myself at another point in time.

There was lots more to the dream, but that was the significant part…that, and a huge African-American man who was a teacher at the university. He cajoled me into going up in a helicopter with him so we could look down on the city.

Perhaps the whole point of the dream was about looking at myself and my surroundings from different perspectives.



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