Close But No Cigar

Well, it turns out I missed winning What’s Up Yukon’s Foreign Correspondent contest by ‘this much’. Ah well.

Congratulations to Fia Jampolsky for a great article.


3 thoughts on “Close But No Cigar

  1. In my opinion you should have won. The writing was better, it was more evocative and flowed in a way that the winning text didn’t. Yours was also devoid of bad grammar, which is more than I can say about the winning piece. I wonder if the judges were from Europe?


  2. Thanks Roy. Appreciate it. I did notice the grammatical errors but overall I thought the judges made a good choice. But damn it’s hard to come in second! It would have almost been easier to take if I had come in fourth or fifth or something. Oh well, I am getting my trip to Europe this summer, but it would have been lovely to be able to go back a second time.


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